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We’re not okay with

Distracted Driving

Auto dealers across Canada are not okay with distracted driving.
Join us, pledge and learn helpful solutions. Together we can make our roads safer.

We’re Not Okay With This…

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West Coast Toyota British Columbia 80
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The Facts

You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if texting.

46% admit to texting or emailing while driving.

5 seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road if texting.

You are 3 times more likely to be in a collision if distracted.

80% of collisions are caused by some form of distracted driving.

It’s against the law. Avoid penalties in your province.

11% of drivers are distracted by other passengers.

4 million vehicle crashes a year in North America.


To the Problem


Avoid Distractions from Children

Children are often more distracting to drivers than adults. Prepare your children for the journey and provide stimulating activities so they are less likely to be a distraction.

Avoid reaching back or attending to them while driving. Pull over and save your life as well as those you love.


Avoid Using Cell Phones

Make any calls, texts or emails prior to your journey. If you have a safe, hands-free system within your vehicle, ensure you are properly trained on how to operate it before getting on the road. If you struggle to avoid your phone during journeys, place it on mute, secure it in a compartment or turn it off during the trip.


Eating & Drinking While Driving

In many provinces penalties exist for eating or drinking while driving a vehicle and for good reason. Ensure you have had plenty of fluids prior to your journey and save the bite to eat for your destination.


Grooming & Vehicles Don’t Mix!

While sitting in traffic may seem like an ideal time to groom oneself, statistics show that inattention, even while stationary, can lead to collisions. Don’t risk becoming another statistic, save the grooming for the bathroom and plan your schedule to allow enough time to prepare.


Leave The Radio Alone

Changing a song, CD or auxiliary device may only take a few seconds but statistics show that every second your eyes are off the road is a second too many. Plan your music before the journey, or pull over if the track needs changing.


Restrain Pets

Keep all pets securely in the backseat or rear. Use an appropriate restraint to ensure your pet is well prepared and eliminate distractions throughout the journey.


Pair to Bluetooth

Familiarize yourself with your in-car Bluetooth system and make sure your phone is paired to Bluetooth before you begin your journey.


Reduce Fatigued Driving

Plan longer trips ahead of time. Take plenty of rest breaks and keep hydrated. Also, allow ample time to reach your destination should conditions be unfavourable.


Prepare Your Best Asset – You.

Allow enough preparation time in your morning schedule to apply makeup and style hair before starting your journey.


Use a GPS Device

If renting a vehicle in an unfamiliar area, opt-in for a GPS device, your life is well worth the additional expense.

If you have your own GPS device, ensure you are familiar with how to operate it so you can drive completely hands-free throughout the journey.

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